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Debra Cowen

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  • Artist Statement

    There always has to be a reason behind my work, whether it be an original intention or an intention that unfolds and exposes itself to me as the painting progresses. I feel passionate about social issues and try to drive strong emotional feelings into the work. My desire is to confront the viewer, creating a sense of unease on the one hand, but using the title in a way that might request equanimity.

    I see beauty in the painting as being of extreme importance, the understanding that there is beauty in the dark. I enjoy the use of colour and try to create a sense of depth, asking questions of what lies beyond and inside the depths. Each painting is a new journey and I find I am always looking for a new way of doing and saying things.
    My original work was narrative, using "Alice in Wonderland" and various fairy stories to play out the psychology of human behaviour.

    I now paint with acrylic on plywood. I enjoy the idea that the wood has it's own story and that the image and it can merge in their story, transforming into another story.
    My art has a strong environmental slant, as much as it deals with the social behavioural issues of our society. To me they are one and the same. I see the lack of clarity of the mind as being responsible for the inability to look after our environment. I use nature to tell the story of human nature.