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Ashley Sheridan

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    0408 885909
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  • Artist Statement
    Ashley Sheridan of Diego Memphis has been creating pet and persona portraits for several years. Clients call her splashes of colour ‘gorgeous,’ ‘extravagant’ and ‘perfect’. Her play of space, texture and pattern delight and add fun to each likeness. She captures their expressions, and creates a piece of art that brings beauty and joy to a room.

    “I love the idea of painting a presence, a stance, a behaviour that is truly only representative of the person. It is the way a person holds that spoon, the stance at the sink, that specific flick of the foot when crossing her legs – these are the characteristics that separate us as individuals in our physical bodies. My portraits are representations of these characteristics. Colours, patterns and my love of animals – all these elements are taken in respectively with the subject’s opinion and desire. The paintings speak fun, whimsy and WTH attitudes that I feel are imperative in our daily lives.”