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Lesley Ades

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    0418 277009
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  • Artist Statement

    “There is no image that is not also memory. The very act of painting is an act of remembering”. (Luc Tymans)

    A Sydney-based artist, Lesley is passionate about pigments, textures and layers. Preoccupied with the notion of connectivity between people, collective wisdom, and shared experiences of those who have never met, she weaves these threads into imagery from her subconscious, her own landscape of memory.

    Lesley’s beeswax and oil paintings vary from abstractions, restricted palettes, and thinly layered paints to bright, rich, exuberant works. Always, there is a story. Dream-like narratives, figures emerging and retreating. From the mischievous to the sanguine, the subtle to the daring, there is innuendo and ambiguity, dischord and harmony. Remembering.