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Philippa Joyce

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  • Artist Statement

    Inspired by patterns in nature, Philippa has invented new forms that have become instantly identifiable. Often on large scale, her textural paintings are strikingly different and display a unique, easily recognisable style.


    By using canvas as an upfront focus, not just as a background, she works like a sculptor evoking an exciting play of contrasts between the top layer and the back canvas. Sometimes she tears the canvas while other times she knots it or weaves it into patterns evocative of fallow fields. She loves texture and patterning and the surface of her works is always rich, tactile and dynamic. Her balanced compositional formats are often a myriad of smaller surfaces that are applied with paint. The subtle colours of these surfaces are further enlivened by light and shade.


    Her paintings are responsive to modern tastes and have a harmony and purity that is fresh, uncomplicated and boldly contemporary. Philippa has a confident sense of compositional design and a deep wellspring of innovative ideas, which constantly delights and surprises. Her latest work on display at Macleay on Manning in Potts Point is titled ‘Virgin Fields’