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Amelia Sanderson

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    I gained my Advanced Diploma in Fine Art from the Design and Arts college of New Zealand in Christchurch. I work in mixed media, using acrylics and various mediums to create collages that include odd, found objects, interesting papers, discarded jewelry .... I am inspired by history, excited about modern art, and draw upon the most classic of forms: the nude, anatomy and organic shapes found in nature. A recent trip to New York refreshed my interest in Cubism and also Futurism... alongside my love of cartoon imagery, perhaps it makes sense when living the fast life to want to capture the maximum information possible on the canvas?

    After spending a significant portion of my life in Japan the aesthetic has had a huge influence on my work and life. Many traditional forms from Hiroshge and ukio-e prints find their way into my work.  Process-based mediums have always appealed to me, primarily photography and printmaking... etching being my absolute passion. Recently I have been exploring once again the various aspects of mono and screen-printing, as I have been hoping to fulfill my interest in fashion and graphic design.