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Lucia Brandão

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    My art play is an innate gift and means of expressing mysterious dimension of life which cannot be simply defined by words. Roger Crawford (artist, mentor, NAS teacher) describes my creations as Post Modernism and my approach as inventive.


    My compositions are ever-changing and evolving but the one constant and distinctive element that makes my spirit sing is pattern. My collection of works is a visual diary, a continuous portrayal of my life experiences.


    Pictured here is an oil painting I call "Beijinho" (a Portuguese word for 'little kiss'). A dear friend of mine calls it Passion. I embrace this title also as it describes the emotions which consume me when I'm involved in that creative space - i.e. excitement, exhilaration, joy, bliss, rapture. I am inspired by other creatives; my cultural heritage (East Timor, Portugal & Australia); Gnosticism; and my own life experiences (relationships & travel).