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Kirana Haag

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  • Artist Statement

    Kirana Haag is a dedicated, passionate and gentle Sydney-based artist specialising in acrylics, watercolours and mixed media.


    Kirana comes from a background of healing with alternative medicines and rather channels her paintings then deciding what they will be. Her painting is an inner journey, she will follow with passion.

    The outcome is an amazing range of very diverse art, sometimes rich and colourful, sometimes subtle and tender. All her paintings have many layers and you will find forever changing images within them.


    Kirana moved this year from Broome to Sydney, traveling on her way via Europe, where she grew up. She also moved from one life into another completely new lifetime and is slowly finding her footing and the treasures of this beautiful city.


    Her personal journey is mirrored in her art, from the view of the artist and healer, which is a view from inside, a view full of passion and emotion. Kirana Haag feels honored to share this view with you.