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Mertim Gökalp

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    To me, painting is a synthesis of my feelings, inspirations, reactions and struggles; it is a way of breathing in and out… When I start painting, I forget the rest of the world. Time becomes a meaningless construct. I lose connection with everything else as if the painting absorbs me in. Gradually, it takes on a life of it is own and that is how I know a piece is done.

    My paintings mostly reflect different psychological states of people. Painting portrait is one of my passions as it is a great area to explore the underpinnings of human psychology.

    As an artist trained in a Fine Arts Academy, I always appreciate and try to live up to the standards of great academic masters. I have traveled to many major art museums throughout the world, such as Metropolitan, Uffizi and the Louvre to study great masterpieces. Having lived in Istanbul for many years, the city where West meets with the East, I also developed an interest in Eastern Art; and I examined many great pieces of art in their original places, such as Egypt, Korea, and Singapore. The inspiration is to incorporate my observations into my unique style.