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Avril Chiswell

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  • Artist Statement

    Avril is a professional artist who lives in Sydney. She has been exhibiting for many years and her most recent solo show was at the One+2 artist studios’ gallery.

    Avril is interested in movement, colour and shape - plants, trees, birds, jugs, cups, seed pods, drapes - all inspire her. She uses complex compositional ideas with a large dose of intuition, giving strong feelings of movement, on her paintings and drawings.

    Avril prefers semi abstract as it simplifies and offers greater freedom with shape and colour. Music is a great influence and her passion about all kinds of music relates in her work. Her abstractions give the feeling of music - to be heard/seen ‘felt’ but not necessarily understood.

    Avril studied at the Blackpool School of Art (UK) and graduated with a Diploma of Painting from East Sydney Tech.