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Sarah Gibson

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  • Artist Statement

    I am exploring ways the self-portrait can express multiple narratives of the self. I often represent my self through Red Girl a character who first appeared in my film The Hundredth Room (2004). In recent years she has had adventures in China, Mexico and Morocco through artist residencies I have undertaken.


    I had been working as a filmmaker since the 1970s but it wasn’t until 2015 that I had my first solo exhibition: ‘Dias de los Muertos: Red Girl in Mexico‘ with large oil pastel self-portraits and Red Girl images that explored our fear of death.


    I have two creative projects on fairy tales: an online project Re-enchantment ( ) and an enhanced e-book Ways to Interpret Fairy Tales (from iTunes). I also work as a Jungian analyst in private practice and these works show my interest in story, imagination and creativity.