Art Outside - Multiple Personalities

Artist 76 artists - diverse group of Australian and International artists Dates 4 - 13 December 2009 Location Callan Park, Rozelle - Wards 17 & 18 Website
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Multiple Personalities brings together a diverse group of Australian and International artists to engage with Ward 17 and Ward 18, the last outposts of Rozelle Mental Hospital, which after a long 123 year history was closed in 2008.

What all the artists have in common is a desire to work with a residue; a sense of un-ease that exudes these now deserted buildings, and to engage with the rich presence and absence of Callan Park’s once mental institution.

We aspire to anticipate that the outpouring of individual art practices will cross a number of disciplines and that the intersections will reveal rich visual and aural overlays.

To speak to these spaces which unfold within the two sites, will surely provide a provocative opportunity for the expression of memory, imagination and the fragile boundaries that might prevail within each individual self.


Sherna Teperson – artist