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Jennifer Mattiussi

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  • Artist Statement

    Jennifer is a Sydney based artist. She completed her Visual Arts degree at Sydney College of the Arts in 2004 and since then has exhibited in many group shows.


    “My interest lies in colour and texture, both in abstraction and figurative work.


    The conceptual underpinning of my abstraction, is the signifier: a suggestion; a symbol; a sign … a mark. The mark is symbolic of a language used at another time in my life, namely, shorthand. A method of rapid handwriting using simple strokes or outlines to replace letters and words. I enjoy being able to make marks that aren’t immediately obvious, but give my work a deeper meaning, enabling me to leave my individual ‘mark’ on each work.


    I also enjoy working with subtle, blended, almost realistic grounds, with an ‘edge’ or ‘line’, which can be a simple brush stroke, or paint dragged across the canvas with a palette knife, creating a certain tension, leaving those that engage with the work to … imagine.


    My current works are more figurative with an exploration of ‘surface’, ‘light’ and ‘shade’.”