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Nuha Saad

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  • Artist Statement

    Nuha Saad is intrigued by how our thoughts and behaviour are influenced by often unconscious reactions to spatial and colour stimuli.

    Her practice has for some time explored how the visceral response we have to colour – its immediacy, apparent irrationality and intensity – interrelates with our embodied experience of spatial delimitations, both the general way in which architecture guides and moulds our movements, but also our perception of specific places cathected with memory and particular identities.

    Her explorations have taken the form of sculptural ‘paintings’ (or painterly installations) that combine household interior design elements such as skirting boards and balustrades, and graded colours, ‘diluted’ with white....In Saad’s works, ordinary architectural elements are decontextualised and reworked to explore how spatial features and colour work together to construct a sense of place, a cultural identity even. Thus, what might at first appear to be work predominantly concerned with questions of form and the nature of painting opens up broader social and political dialogues.

    (Essay (extract) by Dr Jacqueline Millner, Associate Dean, Research Sydney College of the Arts From 'Our Lucky Country (Still Different)' Exhibition Catalogue)