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Jo Meisner

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  • Artist Statement

    Jo Meisner is an emerging artist based in Sydney. In her interdisciplinary practice she investigates aspects of the individual in contemporary society with emphasis on the alienation of the individual.


    For Meisner process is an important extension of drawing and painting, as well as printing and photography. By using colour separation and layering it simultaneously heightens the distinction between the digital and the hand crafted. An illusion of space is created within the reflective quality of the work as it extends and resonates back to the viewer.


    Through investigation and process the work has a recurring motif, which emphasises the rear view of faceless individuals. A cinematic use of saturated hues and subverted coloration has emerged from the creative process. The use of transparency of the surface and the luminous and varying scale of the work has allowed the viewer to view a spectacle.


    Observing people from behind allows the viewer to use their stories to relate to the visual concept. Time seems to unhinge and suggests several different temporalities simultaneously: the actuality of the photograph as a modern technique of representation joins with the past tense of the pose, the references to traditional painting answered by the time disjunction of something breaking and whose meaning suddenly is disrupted, determined by the shutter release.


    Meisner revisits the age-old response of artists to the dilemmas of humanity, which gives her a new perspective on contemporary society’s preoccupation with material objects at the expense of the individual.