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Lois Robertson

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  • Artist Statement

    Completing her studies at Tafe with a Diploma in Fine Arts and winning numerous prizes Lois Robertson then attended COFA UNSW finishing with a first class honours degree.

    While a student she won drawing prizes and her work was highly commended and selected to travel to Macedonia.

    After finishing University the artist joined the Blackwattle Studios at Glebe and her work was hung in the Salon des Refuses and various exhibitions. Lois won an artist's residency in a remote part of Ireland to continue her research into complex structures and patterns in nature. She has travelled from remote areas of Australia to Svalbard in the Arctic Circle as part of her fascination with the complexity and fragility of nature. Her work is a contemplative and lyrical reworking of abstract imagery collected from her research projects. Chaos, order, fractals and systems within systems is a current thematic surfacing in her work.